Lord Akoroth’s court – entry 20.46

(Note: Confession of a the janitor when he was found eavesdropping on the High Lord. He was interned in grave 13324 post interrogation) 

“Record Keeper!”

“Yes my lord”

“My Lady White apparently has a phobia for crows and my emblem is a crow on a Z. We must hide it or risk causing her pain!”

“But you only have been flirting with her for about two weeks sire. Aren’t you over reacting?”

“I have dungeons downstairs which could show you the true meaning of that word”

“I meant I live to serve my lord”

“You don’t say. Come on. Help me move that giant altar with the emblem from behind my throne”

“But sire…”

“Ufff…come on man, I am sure if we put our backs into it…uugghhhh…what? Is it bolted to the floor?”

“As a matter of fact it is my lord. But that is not the problem…”

“Well? What is it?”

“My lord, the banners, the curtains, the stained glass windows, the throne, the toilet seats, the toilet paper, the towels, the serving dishes, the mugs, your robes, shoes, gloves and I believe even your boxers have been crow-ified so to speak”

“What? Why would you let this lunacy to occur?”

“I believe you said ‘self promotion is the best promotion heathen’ ”

“Hmmm well never mind that now. It is said that the Truth can be seen from many sides. We need another angle”


“What? No heathen. But…Lord Zalthor has not picked an emblem yet has he?”

“No sire, he seems to want to take his time to make sure it is perfect”

“Then his halls must be blank”

“Possibly sire”

“Good. Wait for ten minutes then go in there and tell his Holy Lord of vanity that extreme radiation was detected in his abode and he must leave, never return and build a new one on the far side of Bhama

“Sounds like a plan my lord.”

“Indeed. You get three points extra if you manage to convince him to burn all his clothes on the spot”

“I will try my best my lord. but wouldn’t it be easier to just ask him to lend you the hall IF the white lady EVER visits?”

“Record-keeper. I think you will find working with me a very difficult prospect if thats your work ethic. Now take off those nice emblem-less clothes. Yours look like they might fit me”

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