A saying of Zor 19:17

“My dear yellow Lady,

Ultimately everything is fear.

You fear your choice may be wrong, so you prepared to defend it till the end.

You fear I will think you are weak. So you stay stubborn.

You fear that you might not matter in a free world. So you do everything for only whom you choose.

You fear I might matter too much. So you make me matter less and less.

You fear being alone. So you stay “in love” instead of finding it.

You fear tomorrow. So you value yourself above everything today.

You fear being sad. So you are prepared to do anything to remain happy.

Its all you have.

We are all afraid. Mostly less than you, but we are all afraid. There is no other way.”


“Lord Akoroth, its disgusting how you sip that coffee”

“And you’re refusal to acknowledge a truth that is painful to hear is noted. Don’t worry I have gotten used to it”

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