Lord Zalthor’s Secret Layer – entry 01.02

(The wind howls with the woe of a constipated werewolf as I, the messenger, rushed to aid Lord Zalthor that time.)

“My Lord, Did you call upon me for help?”.

“No, I wish to send help. However, the fact that you think I need help is noted. I shall ignore that note for the moment because there are more pressing matters at hand. It appears that Lord Akoroth is in need of help.”

“How so my Lord?”

“It appears his sweet white lady has ignored his acts of kindness and has given him, what the mortals refer to as, the cold shoulder. I fear that he might do something rash”

“My Lord, Why do you think Lord Akoroth needs your help?”

“Though his whiny ass would deny it till his last breath, I know the boy better than he knows himself. He needs some sound advice right now, some direction”

“But my Lord, are you sure that he needs YOUR advice?”

“My little messenger, think of the consequences before you utter you next words and explain what you meant.”

“Well my Lord, the last time a woman denied your advances, you left everything you owned, denounced everyone you knew, closed every portal of conversation and ran to the other side of the known universe to seek abode in this cave”

(As his messenger, naturally I had to follow him. Every day I contemplated my escape from this wretched hole. Every day. Every…day…and night…and day)

“It’s a pity that I do not have another messenger. So for now I shall do as you say. Forget the advice. Take this bottle of elixir to Lord Akoroth and tell him I shall see him within 3 new moons. Also, tell him that we shall do something fun, like sailing”

“Ah yes my Lord, those swimming lesson you took would come in handy then wouldn’t they?”

“Keep that part to yourself fool”

“As you wish my sire”

(I sighed in relief and ran like hell to Lord Akoroth.)

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