Lord Akoroth’s court – Entry 19:36

“My Lord Tempest!”

“My Lord Akoroth. What do you want?”

“We cannot continue the squirrel races as you have not paid your share of the revenue”

“Ah yes, I will no longer pay for Bhama. We whites only owe allegiance to the eagle!”

“We Whites? What ‘we’? You have been there for six months!”

“Indeed Lord Akoroth. And they are my brothers.”

“You have lived here all your life! And you are a Lord of this land!”

“I want a better life”

“Eh? Because your life of responsibility–free luxury funded by your rich daddy was too scarring to bear? You lived in castle for Zor’s sake! You already HAD a better life. You went for a better-er life you greedy pig”

“It’s more than that. Here I can be who I want to be”

“Are you gay Lord Tempest?”


“What do you even do there that you cannot do here?”

“Lord Akoroth, they have welcomed me into their land. I work with asphalt mainly. I play a crucial role in creating arteries through landscape reconstruction thus allowing a great easing in the suffering of citizens striving to achieve mobility”

“Lord Tempest, you a second-class immigrant who uses tar to make roads”

“It more complicated than that”

“I am sure it is.”

“Anyway I have a new job”

“Doing what?

“Research on the physics of the skin and its response to polymer coatings”

“You make sure white people don’t get a rash. Very nice. Pay the money!”


“I have an Imperial army!”

“I have a giant horse!”


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