A saying of Zor 24:22 – You know I Love You…

All your stories are of other men,
I hope they are but fanciful tales.
if not then GOD FUCKING DAMN IT,
my broken heart wails.

I love you though you are afar,
And in ‘ways’ you cannot think.
I may not exactly qualify to go have sex with,
But give me a chance and I swear I will not ‘shrink’.

It’s not the size, it’s how you use it!
And I am totally willing to use ‘it’ in any way.
Because seriously, you are hot! and I can’t stand it,
Afterall it’s not like I am gay!

I know you ‘like’ me, I do I do
maybe not for marriage but possibly for a nightcap?
I know it appears as if I see you only as ‘bang-able’
but can you not have just a little ‘mercy’ on a poor chap?

Sigh, my dreams might seem pointless,
But there is always hope and so I am as ‘happy’ as a clam.
and incase you feel up to it I got a perfect ‘compromise’!
Your hotness and my webcam!

So what da ya say? huh? huh? I love you.. you know I do.. yes I do.

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