Lord Akoroth’s court – entry 02.34

“My Lord Akoroth”

“Record Keeper…so nice to see on level ground again!”

“Indeed. I see you are back after your week-long hiatus. Other than these ridiculous bills, was anything achieved?”

“What are you, my father?”

“Your accountant. And no, I do not want to know about the pink hippo doll”

“Ah well, I don’t think you would have gotten the humour anyway, it was thinking man’s joke”

“I have the bills for the blindfolds and the butter as well my Lord and I assure you I can’t stop thinking about it”

“Moving on, I did receive some good wisdom about life and girls and so now I am calm of mind and ready to focus on my tyrannical, world-domination goals with a clear head”

“Really? And who gave you this advice?”

“The Dark Lady, The Black Duke and the Little lady. There was some help from the Jester as well”

“Fascinating. This must have been some advice since you ignore anything negative said about you.”

“Yes we did have a hookah as well. It was delicious!”

“You are going to ignore everything I say aren’t you?”

“Yes it was indeed much fun. Thank you for asking”

“As always it was my pleasure your Highness”

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