Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 12:33

“My Lord Akoroth…”

“Ah Record Keeper, just the man I wanted to see. You have heard what happened last night?”

“Yes my Lord, I received a message about it. Our people wish to know if you will make an announcement…”

“I was also wondering what to say myself. I find the charges being hurled about absolutely ridiculous by the way…”

“Everyone agrees that this state of mud slinging is getting out of hand my Lord. But there seems to be no controlling it.”

“You are right. But the real issues are being completely ignored and it all feels just like an excuse for other ends…”

“That is true my Lord. Actually that can be the line we take. It will keep us neutral and maintain the Status Quo while the situation develops.”

“But we do that all the time and the cries are just getting shriller.…”

“Hmmm, you are right my Lord. We can’t be neutral forever…”

“I favor a strong response of some kind. This time things appear to be going too far.”

“Well my Lord, we can either throw our weight behind him or stand in opposition against him. Either way, it will help us in our claim for the ‘My Daddy Strongest’ badge as well.”

“I say against him. I really can’t see how we can be expected to side with him without looking like hypocrites.”

“Indeed my Lord. We have always staunchly stood against such deeds and blackmail is unacceptable in all formats.”

“Exactly. But are we flowing against the will of the people in this one? He is really popular in the land…”

“That is true my Lord. But the sheeple seem quite capable of following anything and anyone nowadays my Lord.”

“Yes, if they can follow his ludicrous farce, which is so obviously politically motivated, they can follow anyone.”

“What you say is true my lord. But I didn’t know you felt so strongly about it”

“Well initially I thought it was a joke, a lark, you know. But the more I think of it the more sinister and dangerous it seems. It is very important to take a strong stand as such times.”

“Good point my Lord…”

“So what’s our stand going to be Record Keeper?”

“We are going to come out with a strong response against blackmail.

We feel the situation is lowered by the fact that the blackmail is being used for demands that lack well-thought through solutions in the first place.

We support strong necessary measures that must be undertaken to cease such farces and expose their politically motivated nature.

We wish to make clear that if the other side truly had the honour of the nation at heart, they would cease their circus so that more attention could be paid to other, more meaningful, agendas.”

“That’s EXACTLY what I was thinking Record Keeper. I am amazed how well we manage things, considering how differing our minds are. ”

“It remains a constant marvel to me as well my Lord. I shall dispatch this to India at once…”

“Why? Is Lord Zalthor holidaying there?”

“Err…The Indian media, the Indian government and Baba Ramdev are, naturally, in India. Sooooo our message to them has to be sent across there my Lord.”

“Baba who? What are you talking about?”

“Err…the bearded man in girl clothes? His indefinite fast… hospitalization…etc. Any of this ringing a bell my Lord?”

“Record Keeper have you lost your mind? Do you not know that Lord Zalthor walked in here last night and accused me of stealing his book again? He has threatened war if his book is not returned to him. Also he demanded some concessions as well!”

“What ? Which book my Lord? And why not just give it back to him?”



“The details don’t matter. I won’t accept such blackmail! He has really lost all touch with reality and is just throwing out demands now! This time I won’t stand for it. I am willing to fight to defend my honour and that strong message better convey that!”

“Err. Oh. Hmm. *cough*. Ah well I guess the message can just go to both. Seems to convey the same-ish sentiment in either case…”

“You are the head of my government! How could such monumental developments in my life slip by you? And you care about some dude in India? Such lapses are shameful.”

“Actually I am the accountant my Lord. You refuse to speak to your Prime Minister…”

“Whatever! Lord Zalthor, message, now!”

“Will do my Lord.”

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