A saying of Zor 26:24 – Blame

(as told by Lord Akoroth after the disastrous Pothan campaign was blamed on three turtles looking at the battlefield in a ‘funny way’)

If you know Zor you would realise that offloading blame is the fine art of eroding truth through logic. One may climb great heights in this fine art if you follow the rule of three.

Rule One: Going stupid is just stupid

“How was I supposed to know the huge amounts of smoke pouring out of my 500-year-old coal fire would have any effect on anything?”

Rule Two: Being overambitious will lead to downfall

“If those trees had not died and turned into coal then we would not have been tempted to mine it out, burn it and increase carbon levels in the atmosphere to Venus-que”

Rule Three: Know your audience

“My religion forbids me from going green! Mr Richard Dawkins, I expect you to respect my right to religious freedom!”

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