Lord Akoroth’s Court : Entry 05:16

“My Lord Akoroth?”


“You have done no work for five days now…”

“Yes, yes, what do you want?”

“We have a whole host of things lined up. “

“Must I? Well let’s start with the easiest to ignore and then move up to the very toughest to ignore…”

“Err…first on the list you said you wanted to send a message to the Lady Scarf for her school in the north.”

Haji Public School“Ah yes. She is doing excellent work in that shack…”


“…school of hers. I thought I should send a congratulatory message to her and her kids. Take down these points…”

“Yes my Lord…”

Future acolytes of Zor,

Understand that we are just farming you until you grow into a size and mental capacity that can be exploited. Deal with it.

No one will care what kind of person you are. Remember to do WHATEVER IT TAKES to score highly in the periodical tests. 

You are the future of our nation and our race. On your shoulder the success and failure of entire eons rest. You could be the generation that is used as the random test study to define our entire existence. Can you feel the pressure? Good. Now go play!

While I personally hope never ever to interact with anyone of your age, I find it amazing that anyone in this world is willing to care about your fate.

So be grateful to the Lady Scarf and don’t forget to salaam her daily and nightly.

To the two or three of you who will become big people in the future – congratulations. Never mind all that crap about how you all came from the same source and just had better opportunities than them. The only thing that matters is that you join Zor as soon as possible and we will complete your success by teaching you the most needed skill of them all – how to scorn your peers and treat them as lower beings.

In the meanwhile, enjoy these blithe days of pointlessness.

Lastly, stop being such fraidy cats.

And stop crying you midgets.

Lord Akoroth.

Got that?”

“Yes my Lord. I have made small edits to better suit your audience though…”

“Oh yeah? Read it back to me. Let’s see how it goes…”

Dear Kids,

One day you will grow up.

Score in tests.

You are the future.

 we are thankful to the Lady Scarf for caring. 

You may one day become great men and women. Remember us when that day comes.

These are your happy childhood days. enjoy it.

Be fearless. Do not weep excessively.

Lord Akoroth.

“What the? That not edits, that genocide!”

“Let’s just say this is what you meant and leave it at that my Lord…unless you rather spend rest of the evening writing a new draft…”

“Screw that. Send it. And also send a cheque as a donation from us.”

“The treasury is empty my Lord. And anyway educational institutes always have huge vats of money. I don’t think she will need our 1951 rupees, 53 paise. ”

“Good point, Tell her to send me a cheque in that case. Any six digit number will do, I am not picky.”

“I don’t think…”

“…and begin a crackdown against corruption and monetary fraud in my Government…I am sure some of these accountants are scamming me…”

“Err…I am your one and only  accountant my Lord…”

“I know…”

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