A saying of Zor 21:19

Lord Akoroth analyses committees and good work ethics.

Minutes of the meeting between High Lord Akoroth and the sub-committee for the numbering of the sayings of Zor between page 17645 and 17649

“Lord Akoroth, while we do not question your supreme wisdom…”

“Always a wise course…”

“…we wish to point out that according to the rules set by you, this sub-committee cannot pass any resolution unless you ratify it…”

“Indeed, I believe in a hand- on approach to cult-running.”

“A noble idea my Lord. Err…but you only attend this sub-committee for exactly three minutes and seventeen seconds every two years.”

“well man I do have other duties…”

“Of course my Lord. No doubts. Other sub-committees require your attention…”

“Of course…”

“It is in fact those sub-committees to which we wanted to draw your attention…”


“Err…*cough* is there some reason for the creation of one sub-committee for every five pages of the book of Zor?”

“Well this is delicate work…”

“But there are three lords and 34,232 sub-committees, 21,987 committees, 12,383 panels and 18 supreme bodies. And we are forbidden to move a single piece of paper unless one of you ratifies it…”

“Yes, and even then so long as the other two don’t object. I like to avoid complications and misunderstandings, to keep things clear you know…”

“But you fight like cats. It feels like this work is 99% technicality and 1% of anything actually happening. ”

“Your point being?”

“My lord that makes no sense…”


“Whoops times up. See you…err…in two years heathen. Keep up the good work.”

“Yes my Lord.”

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