Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 21:18

“Record Keeper?”

“Yes Lord Akoroth?”

Human innovation and HR bullshit“You know that practise we have at the castle gates where we wish the guards ‘Happy Birthday’?”

“Yes my Lord?”

“Why do we do that?”

“It was a positive human interest move recommended by a management book my Lord…”

“You read management books?”

“Actually we were using the books for kindling one page at a time, so it was more of a slow accumulation than an actual reading.”

“Ah well. Have you seen it today?”

“No my Lord.”

“Go have a look…”

*peer* *surprised peering* *blink* *some more peering* *resigned peering*

“Very interesting…”

“Who told them to do it like that?”

“No one my Lord.”

“The old method was fine only no?”

“It was indeed my Lord. But human innovation cannot be suppressed…”

“Even if it only confirms that my guards have WAY too much time on their hands?”

“No one ever comes here so it’s not the guards fault. And anyway there is no reason other than the fact that such deeds appeal to our aesthetic senses my Lord. It is the same reason that ancient humans made jewellery as well as spears.”

“So once we reach equilibrium for practical application we automatically shift into beautification? Basically given enough time ANY inane thing will be made to look cuter no matter how silly the justification?”

“Exactly. First we get it to work, and then we make it pretty. It’s the story of all humankind my Lord. After all there really is no other explanation for many things”

“Hmm….Human innovation. How beautiful.”

“Indeed my Lord.”

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