Lord Akoroth’s Court: Entry 10:07

“Sometimes you ask strange questions Record keeper…”

“I will try to keep my curiosity in check my Lord, but for now…err..is something wrong?”

“Why is this panting man there every time I talk to you? It’s like no matter what room I begin the conversation he is always there. It’s a bit creepy…”

“Oh him? he is the scribe my lord. His desk is in the throne room but since you begin official conversations wherever you happen to catch…err..meet me, he is forced to get here as soon as possible. The jogging keeps him fit but panting is a small side effect…”

“Is that why these conversations always seem to begin mid-way in the records?”

“Indeed my Lord.”

‘Anyway like I was saying emotions grate on me…”


“Grate. you know, where you shred something by rubbing it repeatedly against a sharp abrasive metal surface. Haven’t you ever grated anything?”

“I get it, I get it my Lord. I meant WHY grate?”

“Because that’s what I feel is happening to my nerves when people who are too happy, too sad, too excited, too analytical or too philosophical come anywhere near me. Girls in love with someone else are the absolute worst. When they begin to talk about their ‘love’ in that husky, throaty way I just want to find a gun…”

“Err…what about all the ranting, the weeping over ladies, the sighing over other ladies, the desperate parties, the throwing me over the moat and that mustache oh ‘unemotional’ Lord?”

“Oh those are MY emotions, I don’t mind those. But what I want from others is just three – kooky, flirty and unquestioning love. It’s really a simple request if you think about it…”

“Soooo you want someone who has just about lost touch with sanity and is emotionally flat and flirty all the time. She also needs to be a sympathetic and understanding listener who also loves you unconditionally? ”


“And have you found any human beings who are like this?”

“That question should answer your earlier nosey question I think…”

“Oh it answers it beyond all necessity my Lord. and I must admit the third doll from the right is especially life-like…”

“I know. I think I will call her Linda”

“Very good my Lord.”

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