Lord Akoroth’s Court – Entry 01:33





“What do you think about dreams?”

“Is this is a dream?”

“Maybe…could be…”

“Dreams are such weird and wonderful things…”

“Yes they are…but they are so unfathomable aren’t they?”

“Yes. You don’t know where the truth ends and the fantasy begins in dreams…”

“A dangerous event, certainly…”

“True. But is it not that danger which gives dreams its thrilling edge? A sense that anything, absolutely anything, is possible now?”

“But if anything is possible then, surely, everything is possible…which may not always be a wonderful thing”

“But dreams reveal who you are through symbols. The possibilities are endless. My dreams are always so strange and delicious.”

“Does that mean you want tasty food or deviant sex?”

“Err..I meant I dream of strange things generally. Not specifically related to any one desire…”

“Oh I see. But dreams are sometimes scary. How do you know that there is some escape?”

“Well when the dream ends of course…”

“But time stops in a dream. Your whole life, every belief that you hold, all reality could be a dream…”

“Err…that is a possibility of course…”

“Indeed. The brain is so powerful is it not? The feeling of a Lady as you smell her perfume, the taste of a hot sip of coffee, the weird joy you get when you finally, finally get the chance to pee – each sensation we experience is so unique and indescribable. Yet it can be perfectly mimicked by the mind. There would be no way to tell you are dreaming…”

“Err…disembodied voice? i think this conversation has rather gotten away from us, don’t you?”

“Everything could be a dream…your whole life, the wars you have fought, the men you have killed, the lands you rule, the Ladies you loved…all false…”

“Time to wake up now, wake up…wake up…wake up…wake up…”

“This could all be fake. You could just be a lonely Record Keeper dreaming of being the Lord, unable to accept that you are the servant and not the master…”


“Or it could be that a certain, hard working and VERY busy accountant is just tired of spending twenty minutes every night trying to get you out of bed and decided to just screw with your mind…just a bit.”


*Some more silence*

*Eyes opening very very slowly*

“Record Keeper?”

“Ah, good to see you are awake my Lord. I shall send over the coffee in a minute…”

“Err…hmmm…err…thank you Record keeper. Also, I believe you know where the dungeons are located…”

“Indeed. I regret nothing my Lord.”

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