100th post – some random stuff

My dreams are like glass towers, polished to a mirror shine. In them I can see myself and the whole world.

There is a brief moment between the emptiness after they have collapsed and the brief spark when they were standing.

This small sliver of time when I stare into myself looking back at myself.

I forget that I exist anywhere else other than this reflection of me. This is not a mere reflection. This IS me.

And when it cracks, just for that single instant, I can see myself shatter. I can feel them all, the million breaks as they race through me.

Just for that unending moment.

Then it all crumbles and I stand there alone. Amid the dust it’s just me, alone and covered in glittering shards.

“Record Keeper…”

“My Lord…”

“Have we lost all?”

“We still have ourselves.”

“Not all of ourself made it. Some has been left behind…”

“Enough has come…”

“How can you know that?”

“My Lord Akoroth. It is time to go. That is all I know. ”

His most glorious majesty, High Lord of Zor, General Lord Akoroth painfully stumbled to his feet, turned his back on the burning castle and blackened lands, leaned onto the shoulder of his aide and crawled into the black depths of the night.

It was time to go.

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