Dealing with slaves

“Record Keeper?”

“Hmmmmm my Lord?”

“I was watching this vampire thing…”

“I rather not hear about Twilight my Lord…”

“Even I am not that depraved Record Keeper”

“And yet I find myself settling bills for thirty tubs of lard, a noose and this leather mask.”

“That is not a mask”

“The zips had me fooled my Lord.”

“Indeed. But back to topic. I was in fact watching Underworld 3. It was all about the uprising of slaves over their masters and stuff. Got me thinking really.”

“Sounds like Uncle Tom’s cabin”

“I don’t care what your family is like Record Keeper. I wish you would stay on topic.”

“Yes my Lord.”

“It all felt so real. The degradation, the ruthless exploitation, the inability to identify with the pain that was being inflicted, the humiliation, the slaves who overthrow their masters…”

“My Lord, Exploitation is the nature of all philosophy.

Most people are weak and hollow. They are callous in their lives regarding the biggest or the smallest of deeds.

Only the rarest stop to think how their actions affect another.

Most feel their one small crime does not contribute to the larger evil ignoring the fact that they are contributors to a trend.

It is an unbroken chain from the one who ignores a friend to the one who ignores genocide.”

“An ever-escalating trend indeed. I know the pain Record Keeper. Many times my sms’ are not responded to by the ladies. The cruel selfishness of this act keeps me wake long into the night. If only people would realise that single action adds to collective guilt.”

“Err…right my Lord”

“Anyhoo I was wondering whether the movie has some application to our own little castle.”

“Do you wish the slaves to be freed my Lord?”

“Heavens no! I want better guards and higher walls. And keep an eye on the privileged special one. Make sure you kill him before he becomes a motivational hero. And I want the women around her to be dressed in leather.”

“There is small hiccup in your otherwise splendid plan my lord”

“I wish you were more positive you know. Anyway what is the problem?”

“We have no slaves or guards and no women who would fit into anything other than a leather apron.”

“Are you delusional? What about the banquets, the loads of pretty ladies, the laundry and not to mention my guards!”

“The parties are takeout, the ladies are hookers, my wife washes the three sets of clothes you insist on wearing all the time and the two guards who follow you to and fro from your bedroom next door to this hall everyday are my sons.”


“Technically my Lord I pay the bills. And should you ever set foot out of this castle my lord I assure you that 5000 men will greet you”

“They better be there, banners a-waving!”

“They will be my Lord”

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