Charged particles vs Castle Zor

Pulsing Power
Can you feel the energy? Also watch it, light tower ahead!

Dear Lightning,

Its like, you know, whether the you are a group of charged particles accelerating towards the Earth at super-hot temperatures or a sign that we should all kneel before Zor, you are pretty awesome dude.

I mean you are an unimaginable power which ignites its surrounding in searing white and that just blows me away.

And even though you last only for a millisecond before fading into the darkness, it’s alright, ’cause you come back soon enough so it’s cool.

In fact, I have heard that a bolt of you is hitting the Earth every single second of every single day. So you are always there somewhere – happening, searing, electrifying.

I guess what I want to say is…you are totally my brother from another mother dude. I shit you not.


Come on…admit it…You know it’s true….

Just admit it already.


 – Human Desire

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