Luck is funny…

“When will I have my beautiful days record keeper?

When will i have my beautiful walks?

When will sublime perfection be given to me?

When will I be loved just because?”

“My Lord, you seem to lack what it takes to be easily loved.”

“Good looks? Money?”

“Luck, Lord Akoroth. You are unlucky.”

“Rubbish. I am very lucky Record keeper…”

“Yes you certainly are. Always late yet you never miss anything. Always lazy yet you have everything. Always fooled yet never outplayed.”

“True true. I am indeed blessed…”

“My Lord, all that luck must balance out somewhere…”

“Record Keeper. That’s horse shit…”

“Well then you are unloveable my Lord.”

“Errr…I believe I am unlucky Record keeper.”

“Indeed you are my lord. Indeed you are.”

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