My God and me

I began this quest since I felt that Zor was a discovery that must be shared. To that effect I did what any normal urban dude would do – I set up a blog.  Viva La Revolution!

Once the blog was done I was faced with another problem – category.

It started simple enough – There would be a ‘Book of Zor’ where the saying derived from Zor would be placed. Any other discussions that the other Lords of Zor or I had would be placed in the ‘Truth of Zor’ section.

So I began filling the blank WebPages with thousands of typed words, revelling in the satisfaction of pouring out the sayings of Zor.

Of course every post needed some context so I began to place headers informing the acolytes where this saying had taken place. Now came the issue – Either the post could be something Lord Akoroth said or it could be something that was a saying of Zor.

But it could not be both.

In any given anecdote, saying or phrase there were two parts – the context part within which the saying had to be framed and the actual saying.

The construct around any saying or phrase serves the same purpose as the exterior of any building. It is a mould to feature the aesthetics of the building. It would show you what kind of building it is, how much money went into its creation, where the entrances and exits are and possibly even where the parking is.

But the construct to frame a saying from a higher or superior authority is built using the brick of ego.

And my ego told me that even though I was saying they were sayings derived from Zor, it was still a saying made by Lord Akoroth. So my name better be there somewhere. And it better be tagged with my name. In fact, shouldn’t Lord Akoroth be a category by itself? After all, there could be many sayings but these particular sayings are ones that Lord Akoroth says and are, therefore, separate from the rest.

To solve this confusion I had a look at other cults and how they were dealing with the issue. It would appear, much to my irritation, that wherever there was the word of God, there was the ego of the man.

A book, that could have been just a series of morals, is instead always an elaborate tale of the life and death of one man or men. All saying come from one man or come as a discussion between men. While they say it is the word of God, what is the only true miracle is everyone seems to agree. Everyone is not only ignoring the elephant in the room but most are not even ready to agree it’s even present, even though the walls of the  room are bowing outwards.

If I believe that Zor is the truth and it was self-evident then my blog should just be a series of one liners.

But to do so would humble me, hurts my ego and frankly won’t get me many page views. Nobody wants just the word of God. If you did then you would be happy with whatever words came straight to your head. Or you would read really, really thin books with only the lines ‘I am God. Call me this. Don’t do these things. Do these things. And kill these people. The end’

It has to be Lord Akoroth who is telling you the saying of Zor. Without me it would just be fiction and a bad one at that. I must lend my ego, which is intangible but real, to the sayings. Without my voice, without my existence, all Gods, not even Zor, can survive.

How do I know I am real and valuable? Well, I can live without similar help. It is not a necessity since by birth I am born with everything I need to for my immediate survival. For example I knew how to latch on to my mother’s breast and suck greedily. I needed no one to tell me to do so. I needed no encouragement. I needed no instructions, no rules and certainly no High Lords.

But I needed to learn the truth of Zor.

Is there any god, any divine being that exists without some human voice giving his or her ego to make the fiction into a ‘fact’?

This is my challenge and I lay it before you. Give me the solution and I shall categorize my blog accordingly.

Until then I will just go with what seems to work.

I am High Lord Akoroth. I am the voice of the truth that is Zor. It can be found in the Book of Zor.

Believe it because I say so.  Anyway you have no problem with accepting that concept.

Enjoy Madi.

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