Shakuni/Saguni celebrating…something (What I say?)

Shakuni Saguni success party The cast and crew of Shakuni/Saguni held a gala celebration on Monday, June 25, to celebrate the success of the film. The producers of Saguni held the event in Chennai and Hyderabad, no doubt because the film was bi-lingual – releasing in Tamil and Telugu.

Well that is good. It is always so nice to see people celebrate their hard-earned success.

Tell me thambi, are they celebrating 100 days ah?

No ah?

Oh these are modern times no…50 days ah?

No ah?

Okay…25 days?

No ah?? How many days has this film been in theaters macha?


Okay, leave it. Have the collections been that spectacular?

Hmmm…three day collections around 18-19 crores for a film of 25 crores I see.  But thambi, Karthi’s previous films made three to four times the budget na?

For example –

Paruthiveeran – budget 5 crores, collections 15 crores

Aayirathil Oruvan – budget 32 crores, collections 85 crores

Paiyaa – budget 10 crores, collections 40 crores

So before a collections party, shouldn’t this film collect at least 75 crores?

You see, just like how we celebrate Sachin’s century, not his 25-runs-then caught-out na. Runs he will score anyway no? How many is the important matter.

Party not for that collection business ah? Then what? Critical response was fabulous ah? Let us see what the critics have to say –

The first half of the film is a big let down and the story does not move forward much. The non linear narration can actually get a little boring in the first half.

The actual plot is not too impressive and if not for the entertaining political satires in the second half, the movie would have had a tough time. review

First half of the film has limited appeal because the pace is sluggish and narration is flashback-oriented. Second half of the film is racy. Shakuni is a political story that is told in entertaining way without bothering much about logic and complexities. review

First things first, a film which has to do with politics has to hold an element of seriousness and a magnitude that involves the audience. Secondly, the conviction in execution of the plot has to be so strong that it can create an edgy feeling for the viewer.

However, all that was missing in this one. review

Karthi was put in the centre of a ‘super-star’ script, but the actor fails to deliver with the right punch, reducing ‘Shakuni’ to just an average movie review

The major highlight of the (political) film is the rocking Tom and Jerry type comedy scenes between Karthi and Santhanam and the one-liners they say. review



So this film released in 1150 screens in two-two languages – Tamil and Telugu.

Collections are average, critical response is average, and film has been in theaters only three days.

What exactly are they celebrating ma? I am confused. What did the people in the event say?

“Thambi Karthi is a star, the new vasool raja and vetriveeran. Saguni has proved that he has a tremendous opening.” – distributer Kalaipuli Sekharan

“The film is mass and doing very well, Karthi is today a mass hero.” – Albert Mariappan.

“Karthi has star charisma. I may have only two scenes but happy to have done the film.” – actor Manobala

“Karthi is today’s mass star with an opening. Saguni promotions and marketing by KE Gnanavelraja was fantastic.” – director Shankar Dayal

Lead actor Karthi said that the success of Saguni is due to team work, marketing and promotion by Studio Green and the media support.

Karthi also said – “The feedback that I got from the audiences is that it’s a fun ride. I think my comedy scenes with Santhanam and the naming of characters as Rajini and Kamal worked big time for the film. The wide release also helped the film to click.”

Hmmm. No one talking about script or collections here. Are they celebrating Karthi’s ‘mass hero’ status?

But we already know that no, pa? That is why we made his last several films such big hits.

Oh I see, I see…

They are celebrating the marketing, packing, selling and distribution of film is it?


Definitely, if we leave aside the script, collections, songs, acting and critical response, the film has definitely been sold very, very well to the public, I must agree.

Good point, good point.

Okay. All doubts clarified.

Carry on, carry on.

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