Poor Suhas Needs a Drink…

Just finished watching three idiots. good film. In three idiots the two idiots rescue the heroine from the mantap to go to her ‘true’ love. they literally leave some poor schmuck, who is portrayed (as usual) as a laughable donkey, hanging in front of the of a hundred guests while his bride runs away. The schmuck is named suhas in this film. This got me thinking and a little worried about the ongoing trend in Bollywood film – guy loves girl, they have a disagreement and girl so with another guy only to abandon him in front of the altar for her love.

frankly, I choose to side with the suhas’s of the world. What did he do wrong? he courted this girl, she obviously agreed and he is willing to commit to her, only to be betrayed because ‘true’ love cannot be denied. This is ludicrous. As a society what image are we trying to portray? that is okay to break any trust, any commitment, anyone’s heart in the name of love? that abandonment, betrayal, broken promises and no doubt the broken heart of some other person is the only route to finding love?

Love, real love, is about happiness. I don’t think love needs to be found by making irreversible bad decisions which effect everyone around. We need to grow up, accept that our decisions have ramifications and that lives will get affect by this. We need to face up to our failures and admit that somewhere we have gotten a wrong idea of how a relationship should be built.

but until that fair day, I can do nothing expect feel sorry suhas..and probably take him out for a drink.l She obviously doesn’t care..but somebody should.

2 thoughts on “Poor Suhas Needs a Drink…”

  1. >The problem with these movies are that people sometimes get the wrong impression of real life. People fail to realise the concept of fantasy. Suspension of disbelief if you would call it, is not a good thing. Just because it is physically possible, the averager audience thinks that cock like this is a day to day ordeal and that 'love' is some magical intoxicant that will make all our lives more beautiful. My ass. If you ask me people should realise that movies like romeo and juliet or some karan johar drab is a close to reality as in star wars, Wrestling and Rajini Kanth beating the shit out of 2502398 people. The sooner people realise this, the better for everyone..

  2. >Also, did you read that thing about 15 odd kids who commited suicide after watching 3 idiots, cos they couldnt take the preasures of life and education, and related to characters in the movie who attemped both successfully and in vain to off themselves??!! In my opinion, if what you got from 3 idiots, is a message to kill yourself, you are probably too stupid to live anyway..

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