Why Saif and Kareena need to be together

“Yo! Record Keeper! Heard of Kareena and Saif a.k.a Bebo and the Nawab a.k.a Saifareena?”

“I think so my Lord. Isn’t it the one in whose case it’s hard to decide if it is a boy or a girl? ”

“That applies to both of them I guess. Anyway never mind all that. They are going through a rough patch apparently and that is leaving me both happy and sad…”

“My Lord I really need to get back to the utilities. We have not paid our electricity bill yet and I fear that the power will be cut off any minu-”

“I mean come on; they have been going strong for some four years now. What are a few fights between lovers eh?”

“What indeed. For example I also have to deal with where he walked into the police station holding her head in his hands my Lord…”

“Exactly. You tell me which pair of lovers don’t fight? The media is just blowing this out of proportion…”

“Indeed my lord. This is an issue we should not even be discussing. So I will just mosey along th-”

“But then again, reports say she cried on sets and all. Now that is a sign of a serious breakdown I think. Apparently it was over money. Such a filthy thing, money is…”

“The tragedy is heart-breaking my Lord. Almost as sad as our finances which we really should discu-”

“…but like I said, I don’t know whether to be happy or sad…”

“Why do you care my Lord? Why? Why? Why?”

“Well since you asked. I am happy because if she breaks up then she will be available for me…”

“Theoretically available I suppose…with shades of delusio-”

“Don’t nit pick. Available is available…”

“As you say my Lord.”

Saif Ali Khan - Tashan - Dil Haara
I swear I will have the money by tomorrow! Please! Not the arm!

“Anyway I also feel sad for the Nawab though. He has done so much for this relationship. Like he got that tattoo of her name on his arm and all. He even did that ridiculous dance in the ‘pay-me-or-I-will-break-this-arm’ pose. ”

“I never realized that pose came under the category of ‘dancing’ my Lord. ‘Writhing girlishly’ seems to cover it more holistically”

“That is what we all thought until we saw the dance. Anyway he did all that for her so this break up is sad. ”

“Indeed my Lord. But it has not happened yet. They are just rumors so I think we can safely get back to real wo-”

“I think they should stay together. For the tattoo. Its very raison-d’être will be shattered if they break up….”

“Very wise of you my Lord…”

“Let’s send the Nawab a letter, saying so.”


“Send him a letter. Tell him that the tattoo needs him to stay in the relationship. It’s not just the two of them who will be affected here and they need to consider this…”

“I will get right on it my Lord. Right on it indeed.”

“You aren’t going to send that letter are you?”

“Oh would you look at the time? Must hurry along my Lord…”

“Maybe I should get you tattooed…”

“Aaaand that’s my cue, cheerio my Lord…”

“Get back here heathen! GAURDS!”

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