Dear Ranbir Kapoor…You don’t need to cough

What happens when you take –

Tata’s money + Copywriters with good one-liners + Ranbir Kapoor’s desperate need to show us he is a ‘character’ actor.

You get the latest Tata Docomo ads.

docomo tagline

Now the first series of these ads (the standup comedy ones) have a well-deserved reputation of tunneling so deep under the barrel that they should have reached the center of the earth by now.

But to the original series’ credit, they at least bothered to show Ranbir Kapoor for what he is –

A decent actor who really needs to avoid comedy like the plague.

Ajab prem
Remember this one? Yeah he really needs to put the comedy down and back away…slowly…

But this one particular ad here –

I say give this one a chance.  Kinda.

(Remember that deep shaft the previous ad series was in? The rest of the ads in this series are plummeting down there…)

Alright so we have some office dorks who want to know why their bill has been overcharged by 40 bucks.

Enter…errr…whatever the fuck this guy is supposed to be…

Ranbir in old guy look

But he does utter, at this point, the one truly funny line of this entire ad series –

Thali unlimited hai, pani nahi…

It brings a smile to the face, it is witty and really does give a fair idea of how most mobile network providers operate.

But then we enter the WHY ZONE


Why is the line delivered by a coughing weird potbellied old dude?

Why does he lean in like some sort of sex offender hoping to molest his latest victim?

Along with overcharging on the bill, is he going to snap at any moment and add murder to his list of sins?

Personally I would probably be afraid that his belly would fall off

Anyway, what is the point of Ranbhir being this old fat dude?

I didn’t think old or fat people are generally considered particularly evil in our land. They are usually seen as wise or jolly.

In fact, if I REALLY wanted an evil persona, I would probably go with a thin, gaunt looking fellow, probably smoking a cigarette and looking menacing.

Wait! Wait I am getting an image in my head…

Ranbir Kapoor Rajneeti

Yeah I would go with that guy.

But apparently that look was too classy for this ad.

Although I do hope the idea wasn’t show Docomo’s competition as old and grouchy, making Docomo look hip and happening by comparison.

Because if that’s the idea then…

Tata, Apple called and they want their 2006 ‘Get a Mac’ concept back.

But, all in all, this ad is quite good-ish from a general perspective.

It’s a good concept with a good punch line, hitting the audience with a great solution to a perennial problem…

And all of that tainted by this thing –

ranbir docomo

It’s like standing in a balcony looking at a good view, when you suddenly feel a warm, smelly liquid drip all over you from above.

You are still vaguely aware that the situation with the view still exists and it is still quite decent, but you are too busy screaming at whoever pissed all over it from above.

Also, though the tag line says –

Docomo tagline

We are informed (in tiny print) that this “free calls for 20 hours, every day” is actually only between Tata Docomo users.

Sooooooo…it is not unconditional free calls per se. But why nitpick on that when I can nitpick on this –

Dear Ranbir Kapor…You don’t need to cough.

When you look like this –

And then agree to pointlessly look like this –

ranbir docomo

We already realize you are sick.

Two points for the funny line though.

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