Saif…are we vampire?

So there is this thing –

Apparently a leather clad dominatrix Saif Ali Khan would like us to think that he is a 15-year-old school girl arguing with his 14-year-old classmate and that’s totally…something…whatever just buy this juice!.

What else could explain dialogue like this –

“I am a show off?!”

“Saif is a show off! Saif is a show off!”

“YOU are a show off!!”

Yes I know, sheer Shakespeare.

Weirdly enough all that incredibly deep dialogue (and what movie was he filming in that costume anyway?) was their attempt to sell us the Appy Fizz apple juice.

Appy fizz ads and I have a great love-hate relationship.

That is, the ads want to make me love Appy because it’s a ‘cool drink to hang out with’. But I just hate them.

a cool drink to hang out with

Even if my social circle falls so flat that I must accept that apple juice is a ‘fun to hang out with’ companion for the evening, what am I supposed to do exactly?

High five this bottle, have a chat with it, then take its top off and suckle the juice out of this ‘buddy’ of mine?


Bekause I am vampyre?

Anyway why think about fictional monsters, when we have Saif Ali Khan.

Now I would like to stress that Saif Ali Khan is not a bad actor (relatively)

But I get the feeling (especially if I watch his lays ad as well) that somewhere deep down (Or not so deep down) Saif  knows that –

a) No one is going to buy this because he says so

b) This is easy money

That is my guess anyway. There really is no other explanation how someone with this character in them –

Can act like this –

But I don’t dislike the ad for the concept as such, which is alright.

But the execution, the dialogue and the acting is so horrible, that far from making me buy the drink, it only makes me roar with laughter every time I look at the drink in a market and pity the fool who actually buys it.

Incidentally let me clarify a great mystery presented to us in this ad –

Who keeps signing fifteen autographs per second?

Attention-seeking whores

Who walks around with a price tag on their head?


I hope that puts an end to the argument.

Now come here and whip me Saif!

…err…I didn’t mean to say that out loud.

Never mind.

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