Apple hates India (No really!)

Apple hates India

It is becoming increasingly difficult to walk around an urban city in India without spying some of your fellow citizens with an iPod, iPhone, MacBook or, extremely rarely, an iPad.

India is buying Apple products. India likes Apple, to a certain extent anyway.

But never mind that.

Did you know that Apple opened an iTunes store for Laos today.

No kidding, an iTunes store for Laos…

If you are like Lord Loony and your only reaction to the name ‘Laos’ is “Isn’t Laos that country that Vietnam looks down upon?”, then click this image to find out where or what Laos is.

Click here, if you, like me, had no idea where Laos was.

Now I freely admit I don’t know ANYTHING about Laos.

Laos people
Image Courtesy, Darren On The Road

But I am sure it’s people are as good and kind as people anywhere.

Image Courtesy, Allie Caulfield

For all I know it is a heaven on Earth and all mortal humans should see Laos before they die.

But what I DO know is that it’s GDP, as of 2010, is $7.3 Billion US dollars at current prices.

Which is a good, solid amount and I guess that accounts for its amazing Apple products purchasing power.

After all, all India can show against THAT figure is…

$1.73 Trillion US dollars at current prices.


You know, maybe I am just acting silly here.

After all, for all that I know maybe Laos is spending every cent of that 7 billion on iPods and so it is an inevitable choice.

How many consumers are there incidentally? Maybe they are just out buying us…

3.69 million

And India?

487.6 million

Really? Four hundred and eighty seven million people capable of working and earning for a living?

Even if we assume that only 1% of that number wants or has the means to buy from Apple, that leaves –

4.8 million people who either already are, or could be, Apple consumers.

And Laos has an iTunes but India doesn’t.

So basically Apple hates India.

Now there just, possibly, maybe, might be a logical and sane reason for this wonderful oversight.

But at this point I don’t really care.

Apple certainly doesn’t seem to, so why should I?

So there.

UPDATE: The Duke Thin wishes to add here that he believes that Apple would not do well in India and that is why they aren’t coming here.

He points to two examples –

  • FlipKart has recently rolled out a similar music service in India which no one is using.
  • Moser Baer sells original movie DVDs for 50 bucks, and not a soul purchases it.

Hence Apple has good reasons to never come to this country a.k.a we never buy original shit. It’s all Burma bazaar stuff, 100 rupees only sir.

If you agree with his point of view…well I congratulate you for your calm head and ability to make realistic rationale.

Here, have a candy you freak.

2 thoughts on “Apple hates India (No really!)”

  1. Now, what do you say, huh ??! Apple has opened the iTunes Store for India too. You like many others have proven yourself to be a mean hater. Why don’t you try to be fair and give credit to the approach the company has. They don’t seem to be biased in anyway and all reasons seem to fall apart in the face of Apple’s decision to bring iTunes to India ! Apple’s a company of principles and ideals not one that tries to make a quick buck with cheap tactics, hope you realise that.

    1. Dear Apple fanboy,

      Let us spell it out the obvious – the article is tongue-in-cheek. It was funny that Laos had iTunes before India. And that is still funny.

      We have also tried to provided possible, realistic reasons for the delay, which no one seems to read.

      As a private company, Apple cannot hate any market. They just sell goods.

      iTunes in India is good news though since we do not ‘hate’ Apple, as you imply. We use several Apple products ourselves.

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