The shameless protests by miscreants

There are two versions of this piece.

Originally I had written it in my usual style. But the Lady White took one look at it and asked me to “please be serious. And no sarcasm.” So I obeyed her orders and wrote a formal version.

But here is the original anyway, since she is not looking now.

Arvind KejriwalDid you know that on Sunday, August 26 Arvind Kejriwal and his fellows decided to protest the latest coal scam by surrounding the houses of the PM Manmohan Singh and BJP leader Gadkari in Delhi!

I know!

Even I was shocked at their audacity!

Instead of doing the decent thing – harassing random innocent bystanders and causing massive traffic jams on the streets – these shameless people want to protest directly to the noble sahibs…

Let me ask you, is there any instance in history where an elected sahib who caused a 1.86 lakh crore scam is forced to face angry protests by the worthless public?

Oh god! Where has this country gone? This used to be a democracy once…

But luckily our sahibs had the honour, the courage and the fortitude of character to use state resources to keep such riffraff away from their exalted presence.

Of course shameless people will be shameless only na?

So even after the Delhi police denied permission to the protest and also asked for six Delhi Metro stations to be closed in panic (to make it difficult for the protestors to come to the venue), Kejriwal and his so-called ‘friends’ protested anyway.

Don’t they realize that the great sahibs cannot be hassled by such silly things?

Our sahibs have to work so hard during the few months when Parliament is in session. These sahibs have to leave their house, get into their cars and be driven all the way to the Parliament down the road!

(The only solace they have during the long 15-minute drive is that traffic has been halted for them. And all the policemen lining up to do a salaam is of course a soothing sight.)

Once there, the work never ends you know. Does the public think it is easy to stand in a big room and scream until Parliament is adjourned for the day?

And all for the sake of the people you know. They never, ever profit from these activities at all.

The problem is nowadays nobody knows his or her place only. You have all these upstart people thinking that just because they have elected someone, suddenly that person is answerable to them.

Thankfully the police were on hand to deal with these troublemakers. Some tear gas, a few water cannons, some arrests and it was all bought under control so that the grand sahibs could have a peaceful Sunday.

One thing I am always proud of is our police force. Unlike some other rotten police people in other countries, our police know whom they work for.

It is such little things only that allow our great culture to grow you know.

Someone needs to explain to these miscreants that leaders did not become public leaders to deal with the public okay.

We should all feel shame that in this great land such things are happening.

Oh…look. The peon of the junior secretary of the ex-MLA from the Opposition party just walked out. I must go pay my respects.

Please excuse me.

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