Governance is anti-democratic (So is partying)

Parliament in India

It is the last week of the Monsoon session of Parliament, or as the BJP likes to call it – Scream- part XXI

However the government did manage to pass three amendments through the shouting, with no debate.

a) The North-Eastern Areas (Reorganisation) Amendment Bill, 2011

b) The Protection of Women Against Sexual Harassment at Work Place Bill, 2010

c) The National Highways Authority of India (Amendment) Bill, 2011

Meanwhile the BJP was quick to clarify, now that Sonia Gandhi is out of the country, that they still want Manmohan Singh to resign, because apparently they still think that it will make any difference whatsoever.

But the Congress stood firm on its policies with Manmohan Singh absolutely refusing to resign. Apparently he still thinks that will make ANY difference whatsoever.

So…it is now official – this is the least functioning Lok Sabha in history.

Yes, an agency that measures the amount of work Parliament does (now there is a dream job – short hours, long breaks) says the Lok Sabha suffered the most disruptions ever this term.

Now remember people. This is a democracy. And in a democracy the majority is always right. So if Parliament only sat for 23 hours this term, we have no choice but assume that the majority has spoken and this is the new manner of functioning is the new mandate of Parliament.

So kudos to the BJP for finally getting that much desired majority. Now all they need to do fix the minor problem that Congress bills are sailing through.

And also the whole actually getting elected thing. Other than that they got everything.

And for all you silly people out there asking for governance, please note that you are now speaking against the voice of democracy and you will be not be heard!

I mean that seriously. With all the screaming I can’t even hear myself think.

And if you people like your undemocratic ideas of a “functioning government” so much, you can take your ideas and move to Pakistan, where they are doing better at that sort of thing apparently.

Incidentally Digvijay Singh recently stated that the BJP was using social media to project Narendra Modi as the future PM of India.

I have no idea if such a thing is even possible, but I can imagine a Facebook poll popping up –

Who would you prefer to be a part of the next Government?

a) A mass murdering Hindu fanatic

b) Digvijay Singh


But the one thing that the Pune police are absolutely not resisting is its continuing fun with parties. The police cracked down on a party on Saturday and busted some 300 ‘youths’ (god I love that term)

This used to be a democracy once you know.

Remember the good old days, when the only thing that ‘youths’ did was Naxalbari, Maoism, strikes, revolutions, separatist movements or general ‘anti-social’ activities.

How far are have we fallen now!

Our tragically misguided ‘youths’ are now spending their time *gasp* partying. That also in Pune, that great heartland of…well presumably something.

But luckily the police were prompt in their crackdown on the dreaded party-goers, including 100 girls. They detained this ‘miscreants’ for 11 hours and did blood-tests.

However due to the shameless lack of the death penalty for such heinous crimes, the police were forced to let these ‘youths’ go. But not without charging them with indecent behavior first.

I wish I had somebody to be indecent with…*le sigh*…err…anyway

The police said that they raided this fine institution, called ‘Maya’, because the organizers had violated their permissions by serving alcohol post 11 pm, loud music and general nuisance.

Which is why it made perfect sense to…arrest the attendees…err…instead of arresting the organizers and just closing the place down.

Err…hang on…err…

Whatever! This menace must be crushed I say!

These hardened ‘youths’ however, having no sense of shame whatsoever, did not do the decent thing – crawl back home to their daddies to get married and produce children like all the good Dhoble’s in the world. No, instead they went to the Human Rights Commission and are now taking the matter to court.

Oh sweet lord. Why do I live in times like this one?

In any case, these ‘youths’ should be aware of the law and the myriad ways in which they are breaking it! Our education system is so famous for its ability to make millions of students’ mug up everything bound into a text book. Surely it would have been child’s play for these ‘youths’ to have memorized every section of the Indian penal code.

After all, how could the organizers, with no access to any knowledge of the law or police procedure, be expected to know such things? Who owns that place anyway?

The wife of a police officer. Anti-terrorist squad officer Rajnish Nirmal.

Errr…*cough*…let’s move on shall we?

The word logjam is being bandied about quite a bit in the media to describe our current parliamentary situation.

A quick Google showed me that the comparison between parliament and a logjam is rather unfair.

After all one is a frustrating and nearly unbreakable jumble of old deadwood, and the other is a logjam.

And remember, no matter how tempting it might seem, only ONE of the two can be easily cleared using explosives.

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