Why do the protestors get so angry?

– the most respectful protests fueled by the most righteous of angers. (remember to say that if you are caught!)

There are many historical, ethical, religious and political reasons for the protests of last week. To find those out you have go elsewhere, or try reading a book once in a while.

Because I have no apologies and no explanations. I am the sane one here. I am the victim. Why the hell am I giving excuses for the attackers?

Call me crazy, but isn’t it common sense that the offender explains his actions, not the victim?

If I were a brave man I would stand here and call out those cowardly, rabid bastards for the violence-obsessed death cult members that they are.

But 14 people are dead across the world and I watch the news. And the Internet is not quite as anonymous as we all like to believe. So I choose to live thankyouverymuch.

Should I happen to slip up and say some of the feelings I really felt, I get the distinct feeling that ‘they’ will come to my home and hunt me down.

Of course, we should not assume that this act alone means that ‘they’ are anything but messengers of peace of course. But why risk it in this economy?

The Internet will undoubtedly watch passively as I am butchered down. Including all my friends. I don’t doubt some of them will try and ‘understand’ why I had to die. But the rest will be silent.

Nothing breeds more ‘understanding’ than violence. Nothing nurtures ‘silence’ better than blood.

That is why they don’t even pretend anymore that they are trying to make anyone understand. They don’t even put up the charade that it is about ‘respect’. Even the moderates, the few that exist, speak in hushed voices and give apologetic platitudes and ask the rest of us to ‘understand’. Even they can sense the power of violence. What’s the harm in a little timely release eh? After all, we must all learn to ‘respect’ right?

The word of the street however is not hushed. It is loud and clear and usually written on a wall somewhere in blood –

“Shut up otherwise we will kill you. We will come howling and wielding rocks. We will beat you till your lungs collapse. We will beat you till we feel the bones crack underneath your skin. We will smash your the teeth out from their sockets and will tear out your tongue. We will beat your skull as hard as we can. Again and again and again until your skin tears and the bone cracks open and your brains burst out. We will beat you till we are covered in your warm blood.”

That is what they are saying, whatever excuse or historical reason the wise give me. How much ever they tell me that I should understand because a country I have never seen did something to a race my attackers have never seen, it is a little hard to hear because you remember that that brick in my skull? Its affecting my hearing.

We tell each other that we understand, but in truth it is only the fear within us that grows. Whatever point the creator of that film had to make, he has made it. He wanted us to be afraid.

And under my blanket, in my bedroom, behind my locked doors, in my exclusive gated community, far away from all of ‘them’, I am very, very afraid indeed.

“Fear cuts deeper than swords” – George R R Martin, A song of Ice and Fire series

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  1. Penn Jillette once said, “…we haven’t tackled Islam because we have families.” That sums it up for me. I have no qualms in admitting that I am afraid of getting killed, and that’s why I won’t speak up against you-know-what.

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