Part Two: Sons of the Colony


There is this guy.

This guy has three kids – one girl and two boys. This guy is not very rich and lives in a housing colony, where he has lived in whole life.

He knows every one there and they all know him. All his friends are from that colony. In general, there is an agreement that he is a good man from a good family. And it’s all good.

Then one day someone sexually abuses his girl. The girl, very hesitantly, finally tells him three days later.

Devastated and confused, the guy asks his friends – What do I do?.

The friends tell him to drop the matter, because no one should mess with the police.

The guy decides to register an FIR anyway. So he goes to the police station just outside the colony.

But there a constable slaps him and sends him away, because the boy who molested his daughter is the son of an MLA.

The guy comes back to the colony. People avert their gaze. Neighbors silently shake their head and close their doors. The news has spread.

The next day a secretary of the MLA comes and gives some money to the guy to keep silent. The secretary tells him that he has no support, no help. Who will come as a witness? The secretary asks.

Who will testify about the character of his daughter? Neighbors say that the girl was seen with ‘boys’. Take the money, the secretary tells the guy.

The guy takes the money.

The guy never speaks about the incident again. He forbids his daughter from going out of the house.

When an investigation committee, appointed by the government, comes to the colony, the guy refuses to talk. That incident never happened and the money is already spent. Why kick up a row now?

The people in the colony also don’t say anything to the investigation. Who wants to get involved?

But much later, the people in the colony begin to whisper. The guy’s daughter was probably a slut. Didn’t they take some money for her ‘services’?

They begin to avoid the family.

Boys in the colony begin to ask the girl’s ‘rate’ to her brothers.

The guy gets his daughter married off as soon as possible to avoid more ‘problems’.

Eventually the two boys of this guy grow up and become a policeman and a politician. Its celebrated by the colony.

Finally! sons of the colony were where they were needed. Or so it seemed.

They are both inept and corrupt. One day they even rape some girl of the colony.

The people of the colony are horrified. Aren’t they the sons of this colony only? Aren’t they leaders from this colony?

But who can mess with those sons now? No one can. Is that why they became who they became? Maybe…but no one can mess with them now that’s for sure.

And in any case the girl was a slut who was asking for it. The whole colony knows that, the sons say later. The colony agrees. They take some money that was sent over later. They saw nothing they say. What can they do? This is how things are in this colony.

The sons were not afraid of punishment. They could always buy the colony’s votes and defer investigations.

Then many years later one day, something even more horrible happens and it becomes unbearable.

The father is asked to speak to them, become a spokesperson for the colony. He is told to talk, because silence is not a good. Talk, make your voice heard, they tell him. We can’t talk to them. We are just the small people. You can. Go talk to them.

So he goes and asks his sons,

“Why are you two this way? Why don’t you do something? Don’t you two have any honor or pride? Don’t you believe in the honor of your colony? Your society? Are you not sons of this colony?”

Well it doesn’t really matter what they replied to their father because they just part of a story and we are in the real world, in real life.

And here, unlike there, you must give your own answers, not have them written down for you.

Still…let it not be said that I left you without some closing thought.

War is funny. Some want it to begin while more want it to end. Many wonder why it hasn’t happened already while a few try to make it happen.

You need not look so deeply my friends.

Where and when you begin your battle; there you will find your war.

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