Free YouTube! (Isn’t it already?)

“My Lord Akoroth. I was wondering about this sign you have placed outside the castle…”

“What sign?”

“This one – Remember the days when YouTube had no ads, users uploaded videos not corporations? Damn the Man for taking over! Free YouTube!

“Oh yeah. Damn them corporations! These YouTube videos, they all have ads in them now. I remember the time when YouTube was ad-free and by users, for users. It is  just sickening what the corporations are doing to it. FREE YOUTUBE!”

“My Lord, the corporations fund only a small part of YouTube, a few thousand videos among its millions of user-uploaded ones. And even then the videos are essentially free, watchable at the click of a button…”

“Are you kidding, Can’t you see the ads heathen?”

“Yes. But you can still watch the videos without PAYMENT. No paisa required. Am I getting through to my Lord?”

“But the ads are coming in way of my instant gratification. I have to wait 30 to 45 seconds. My sense of entitlement tells me that this is nothing less than my birthright that is being obstructed here. For 30 whole seconds at that.”

“My Lord perhaps the internet is a concept you have not sufficiently understood. NOTHING is free. The videos cost YouTube billions of dollars in hosting and maintenance fees. They need to either recover their investment or shut down.”

“And I think you don’t understand anything Record Keeper. I am fighting for freedom here!”

“So freedom is your right to derive entertainment from something that someone else made, hosted and posted without advertisements? You are not satisfied that it is merely free of charge?”


Viva la Revolution my Lord!”


“By the way Lord Tempest has demanded that you allow his horse to graze on your pastures for sometime. It seems he has had a bad harvest.”

“He wants HIS horse to eat MY grass? For FREE? The nerve! If that free-loading four-legged moocher is seen anywhere on my castle grounds I demand that it be shot on sight and its head be delivered to Lord Tempest. Preferably when he is sleeping. ”

“As you wish my Lord.”

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