Nike’s ad – don’t think, just do…er…buy it!

“Record Keeper, have a look at this Indian cricket ad by some company called Nay – E – Key

“Nice ad my Lord Akoroth. I feel the urge to buy some shoes already.”

“Do you think the ad tell you that Indian cricketers are the same as their street counterparts or is it the other way round?”

“Err…My Lord the ad says that all Indians share in the joy of cricket…”

“Tcheh. Such a simple and naïve view Record Keeper. Look how clearly the ad intersperses Indian players performing actions and then the street rats…”

“Street people my Lord. Remember Lord Akoroth vs Indigenous people?

“Right, right. As I was saying, the street ‘people’ do the same moves. I would like to table the motion that this ad portrays a weird, racist, anti-poor, anti-Indian message…”

“What message?”

“I mean just look at the tag. It says ‘Just Do It’. Do what? Play the game as good as the professionals?

Then why is the half-naked, sun-burnt dirty kid bowling in a street so poor while the cricketer earns crores of rupees for doing the same thing?

Is this equality? Is this how India is now? Isn’t this an example of the gross indifference of the rich to the starving poor?

Is the shoe company trying to say that Indians will always be this way? Is it calling Indians copycats…

“I think the ad is just telling us to buy their cool shoes my Lord.”

“Such a dull view.”

“But luckily true my Lord.”

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