Google Doodle: Takashi Murakami

“My Lord Akoroth…you are once again in my kitchen…”

“Ah Lord Zalthor, you are back already? No food at home. What is all this vegetarian crap that you have? Ooooh booze…”

“Get out of my palace you fat fre-”

“Seen the Google Doodle today? Oooh Gin…”

Google Doodle, June 21, First Day of Summer
First Day of Summer – Takashi Murakami

“Put down the bottle. Yeah it’s a gonna be a hot summer”

“Finders keepers. I find the blending of ‘high-art’ and ‘low-art’ a delicious mixture. It’s rather Zen for a doodle. Don’t you have glasses in here?”

“I drink straight and neat. Anyway yes Google Doodles have always been about pop culture references…even though it’s something that can be quite complex to make or design…it’s still always been something that everyone enjoys…so it’s still low art.

But technically Takashi Murakami is high art, because he is some douche painter that no one really has heard of but manages to sell his ‘art’ for millions of dollars….

So typically for Murakami, the artist blurs the differences between high and low art…”

“And the Google Doddle is an awesome symbol of that blurring Zalthor. In this modern age where canvas is becoming rapidly quaint and outdated, the internet beckons as a new horizon.”


“You know, I am amazed we can discuss more than sex, horses, drugs and gayness…”

“Of course we can…but we simply choose not to…so as to not appear too pretentious…even though we really are…we’re like this guy’s art…not high art or low art…just a blur…and that makes us even more pompous…

“True, true. But I still feel icky. Quick Zalthor! Throw in a crude joke…”

“Why did the chicken cross the road Akoroth?

According to Albert Camus it’s because the chicken’s mother had just died.  But this did not really upset him, as any number of witnesses can attest.  In fact, he crossed just because the sun got in his eyes.”

“I really don’t think jokes with an absurdist bend are what we are aiming for…”

“You asked for a crude joke”

“I meant unsophisticated…I wanted things more along the lines of a fart and lolz”

“Keep wanting Akoroth”

“Some people have no sense of humour.”

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