Bleeding? Why are you redialing?!

“My Lord Akoroth I called and called you that day. Why didn’t you answer even though I called so, so many times?”

“Ah my Lord Cling. I see you are back in Court. You do realise my phone informs me of even ONE miss-call…its not like you have to try at least five times before you win the giant panda prize or anything…”

“But you weren’t answering my Lord and I wanted to speak to you!”


“So? Well you have a phone Lord Akoroth and you gave me your number! That means when I want to speak to you I can have my wish fulfilled!”

“Is that a new fundamental right I was unaware of? Man, there are so many of those I swear!”

“What! No my Lord. This presumption just exists – You have a phone so you must answer!”

“By this logic since I have the requisite aperture, despite whatever else I use it for, I should bend over and drop my pants if you had…you know…’other’ wishes.”

“My Lord! Please!”

“What? What? Just saying…”

“It could have been an EMERGENCY Lord Akoroth! It is socially irresponsible not to answer.”‘

“If you ever find yourself in REAL emergency Lord Cling, I hope you retain the good sense to move on to the next entry in the phone book if I didn’t answer the first time rather than continuing to redial me in the hopes that I would grow a social sense before you bled out on the roadside.”

“But…me…we…I called…phone…”

“I mean when you keep redialing someone who doesn’t answer aren’t you just confirming how little you matter to that person? I would say that with every unanswered redial your soul dies a little. How many times did you call me anyway? Oh now you are crying…errs…someone get him a tissue or something…”

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