Parliament’s Lokpal debate, thoughts on.

Pranab Mukherjee
Bherry nice ak-shent Pranab da. Good speech also.

Lord Akoroth: Rahul Gandhi is missing from the proceedings. I guess he is not that interested in politics…

Duke Zero: Then why does he keep sleeping in one poverty-stricken farmer’s house every week? He gives out very mixed signals that man.


Lord Akoroth: The Prime Minister seems rather expressionless.

Duke Zero: It is as if he achieves supreme Moksha while sitting in the Lok Sabha. I wonder what his secret is…


Lord Akoroth: Not that I don’t appreciate their ability to keep decorum in Parliament, but doesn’t it bother anyone else that a primary reason for that seems to be that the chairs and mikes are bolted to the floor nowadays?

Anyone? No one? Really?


Lord Akoroth: You have to love Pranab Mukherjee’s bonglish accent. It is indeed made of awesome. But…

Lord Zero: …but unfortunately legibility drops drastically once he pushes past the first 30 words.

(Ab-tar thy-aat it mozt-li sounds like bhis since all wow-wels except bhee is konzeedered op-sha-naal)


I feel all members of this House are capable of holding their tongues. Heaven will not…(pause) nothing can stop you from continuing tomorrow and abusing us with the choicest of words.

– Pranab

Lord Akoroth: Heaven will not what Pranab da? Why do I get the feeling that I was just deprived of a juicy Bengali swear word.


Quote of the day

What sort of party is the Congress, where, like the river Ganga, you are as white as milk when submerged in it, but transform into the very symbol of dirty corruption the instant you leave its fold?

– Sushma Swaraj, commenting on the recent and sudden CBI investigation into the dis-appropriate assets of the (newly) ex-Congress Andhra Pradesh politician Jagan Mohan Reddy.

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