LG – Let reality not come in way of tag lines

“You know Record keeper I always say it is not my place to judge…”

“You had a man hanged last week my Lord Akoroth because of his belt buckle…”

“I had him hanged because his buckle said ‘Be with God’ and I was granting his wish. Anyway history has taught me that the ‘saying’ needs not match the ‘doing’…”

“If you say so my Lord…”

“Anyway, as I was saying, it is not my place to judge but I do believe that LG is getting a bit confused. I think the pressure of selling all those TV’s and cell phones is getting to them.”

“How so, my Lord?”

“Have a look at the ad…”

LG Optimus P920 3D
Pay attention to the part inside the helpful red box.


“I mean think about it! LG is breaking new ground in quantum mechanics! Imagine! Finally humanity can CREATE LIFE in THREE DIMENSIONS! LG has taken us to the supreme level of evolution! Oh my sweet Zor!”

“Very funny my Lord…”

“I mean less bold companies, who lack LG’s vision, might have merely tried to convert 2D pictures and videos into a more realistic 3D. But LG has taken the great step forward and decided to convert ALL LIFE in THREE DIMENSIONS! Oh joy!”

“I really must get back to work Lord Akoroth…”

“I thought the day would never come! Now our lives will no longer be chained to mere 2D! Imagine Record Keeper, now we can finally ‘view’ ‘life’ the way Physics intended it to be seen! The great day of rapture hath finally descended upon us!”

“I believe this joke has been pushed as far as it will go my Lord…let it die in peace…”


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