2012 Delhi Auto Expo – Defying belief with easy installments

Delhi Auto Expo 2012
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“Yo Record Keeper! There is a lot of cars and stuff in the News…”

“Who showed you the News!?”

“It certainly wasn’t easy. Did you know we have no cable connection in this castle? All the televisions only show old Disney movies. I had to go all the way to the gardener’s hut to fetch a Dish TV set-top box. Don’t fret, I have it all hooked up now…”

“Err…really? How sweet. Which gardener’s hut by the way? Just out of completely innocent curiosity…”

“Never mind that babe. Stop that rubbish you are doing and tell me what’s with the cars? ”

*mumble* …damn grass people… *mumble*

“Well, what you are watching, my Lord, is the 2012 Delhi Auto Expo. They will be showcasing the latest cars by all the big auto-makers all week long. India is a booming car market.”

“One would have thought that the lack of roads in India, and the fact that every inch of existing tarmac is occupied by at least 70,000 cars already, would be a minor hindrance to this booming market.”

“Apparently not.”

Maruti Concept SUV - 2012 Delhi Auto Expo
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“I see…. Hey! Look at that car Record Keeper!  I could survive a zombie apocalypse in a thing of that size. Awesome! What is it?”

Maruti’s XA Alpha ‘compact’ SUV my Lord.”

“What is ‘compact’ about it?”

“I think it has fewer cup holders than usual, my Lord.”

“Ohhhh… anyway…I notice the SUVs seem to be ready for release tomorrow morning. But they haven’t mentioned a launch date for the energy-saving, mega-technology, electric-hybrid vehicles-of-the-future yet…”

“My Lord, I believe their release date is expected to be sometime around mid-Never…”

Nissan unveils multi-purpose vehicle Evalia
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“Right, right, right. Hmmm…You know Record Keeper, I realize I am branching out into a completely unrelated side-track here but…aren’t we running out of oil? I mean globally? In the whole world?”

“Indeed my Lord.”

“Hmmm. Thought so. That doesn’t seem to be affecting the size of these cars though.”

“It is to help use up the resource as fast as possible, my Lord. There is a limited time left for true exploitation.”

“Sooooo the closer something comes to irrelevance the stronger the determination is to make it as big as possible?

I wonder if, around the time the first gun was invented, there was a Bow Expo where ‘Wood & String’ unveiled their Giangant 343 IMade with the finest in bow technology, this bad boy will fire a 40-feet long arrow that will shish-kabob thirty unarmored men if they stood very still in a straight line on a clear day, now available with three easy installments…”

Ra-One would have been a simpler, a shorter example my Lord. In any case, I doubt there is a historical precedent for this though.”

“Want to bet that the last car will be the compact, off-road, 67-wheeler, seven engine, three-steering wheel ‘EcoPlanetSport Duxplex Xde BETA 71‘- Assured mileage of 13-liters-per-minute you spend looking at it?”

“I am sorry, no bets today my Lord. On a completely random and unrelated side-track, I notice from these invoices that you have booked three SUVs already.”

“They came with easy installments.”

“Good point, my Lord.”

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