A saying of Zor 25:23 – Golden Dreams

( A vision received by Lord Akoroth during his quest through the haunted Nostalgia forest)

There were once two great states – one ruled from a Golden throne and one from a Silver throne.

They had little to do with each other initially but slowly they grew close. One day they made a great discovery – a new world. They each took half and agreed to mutual co-operation and co – governance.

The greatest nobles from both lands settled in this new world and for a while it was good and flourished. The land satisfied all needs and seemed perfect.

But Lady Desire’s lands were on the border that divided this world in two and ever she coveted what lay beyond.

So she whispered into Golden ears “All our trade is with each other, we are so intimately involved. Would not a union of both crowns be best for all?  Why not ask for what is obviously right?”

The answer was no.

While the golden messengers were received with honour by the Silver throne they were given a firm refusal. “There is no need for such union and besides things are fine this way, are they not?”

Though rebuffed, the Golden throne kept up negotiations. After all, how hard can it be to convince the other side of the truth?

“We are on the right side, aren’t we?”  So the talks went on, sometimes with swords drawn, some times over coffee. Finally a breakthrough after a year – a union was agreed upon.

And for a while it was good.

But the Silver throne never intended to keep its promises. It just wanted to inhabit the new world in peace.

Soon a message arrived to the Golden throne. The union was dissolved. Silver had a new co-ruler (a certain Lord Love) and was willing to fight for its right to have a different union than that of the Golden throne.

The Golden throne took the advice of Earl Revenge. If Silver can have allies so can Gold. The message was sent back with the notice that a fight would be unnecessary as Gold had found a new co-ruler also (Dame Joseph).

If Silver and Golden stayed on their sides of the border who would care?

But Lady Desire had acquired lands on both sides of the border during the long negotiations and now needed to keep the borders open or lose half of her lands. How could she allow that?

So the closed borders quickly dissolved into a farce. Of course Golden and Silver knew of the daily transgressions but they turned their heads. So long as Lord Love and Dame Joseph didn’t know, what harm could there be?

But news doesn’t stay hidden for long and soon both courts began to fill with rumours of secret trysts.

The scandal broke in silver lands first. And action was swift. All of Lady Desire’s lands in the northern half of the new world were confiscated and the borders were sealed – properly this time.
There was much wild demonstrations on both sides, great cries to ‘rise to the occasion’, many jokes on the stupidity of each side and many claims of who would lose more from all of this ( the other side of course!)

But nothing came of it. With no cross-border exchange the southern half of the new world lost its Raison d’être and the land soon de-populated, its settlements began to be abandoned and the land went back into the wild.

A long year of silence was to pass.

Then one day, uncalled and unexpected, a lone silver messenger appeared – ragged and unkempt bearing a wish for the borders to be opened. The Golden throne rejoiced with abandon. And it was good for a while.

Both Gold and Silver missed the new world but old issues were not forgotten. Silver wanted a monopoly on the trade between the lands but Golden could not agree to that without a union.

Soon news came that Lord Lust had quickly replaced Lord Love in the Silver lands. Offended at this breach of protocol the Golden throne closed the gates and sealed the borders. Once again there was ceremony and much waving of flags and martial tunes. But it was strained. No claims or jokes could be found in all the land this time.

This time it was a golden messenger who appeared in silver court after six long months. He was graciously accepted. Apparently Lord Lust had a short career. And for a while it wad good. Golden and Silver once more exchanged toasts and there was much merriment.

But one by one the old advisers lost power in the golden court. Dame Desire, Sir Trust, Duke Nostalgia…all gone. New factions rose and they resented all of this toasting. The new world was ours they said. It’s all or nothing they said. Soon men brought news of other lords in the Silver court, of insults to the Golden throne. The toasts stopped coming.

The Golden king heard all but seemed unwilling to let go. Finally the news came of golden tradesmen being halted at the border, being forced to wait in line while strangers were breezing through. Was this not enough?

The strongest faction at the golden court – Lord Anger, Duke Jealousy and Dame Ego – decided it indeed was enough. They brought a formal petition to the king. They demanded the closure of the gates, the beheading of Lord Want and Duke Nostalgia and the abdication of the king. A new king would be found – some one from the House of Sane.

There was no ceremony this time, no wild crowds, not even a public declaration. In the middle of the night the gates were closed, the locks put into place and the border guards sent home.

Who cared?

So the king lost his throne for his land and the new world was abandoned. It lay silent empty while brave golden explorers would find other new worlds, would find new thrones to covet and new unions to desire under a new banner and a new king.

In time the old settlements fell into ruin, the shining border roads were lost in the forest and silence descended on the new world. And thus it lays today.

What of the old king? Well no one really knows what happened to him. But rumours say that sometimes, when the nights are especially calm, he seen ambling through the old ruins in the new world. Sometimes stories come that he can be found staring across the borders – dreaming of silver messengers and a golden age.

Maybe one day it will come back.

Who knows? Nobody goes to the new world anymore.

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