A saying of Zor 13:11 – The Lady In Purple

Oh the lady in purple,

I would be hard pressed to admit the truth in a room full of strangers but I must admit to myself that she is a bright lady indeed. The kind who makes you glad to be alive, the kind causes you to celebrate the first step you took in her direction.

Well, how does one describe these feeling without sounding like a lovesick puppy? It is not only the wrong emotion which I wish to portray but also rather pathetic.

But to sound too severe is also a grave sin since to talk about this one in serious tones is self-defeating to a great degree. In the end I suppose I shall merely say what comes to my heart.

While I cannot admit to be smitten and bound by that endearingness called love, I can say that I am being rather drawn. There seems to revolve a lightness around her which I have long denied myself.

While life is a matter that necessitates some sobriety, I feel that perhaps my quests have driven me away from the simple fact that the flower does not bloom merely to spread its own kind but rather there is also an element of beauty and majesty in it.

While it is certainly easy for the multitude to ply the cause of laughter, I am often shocked by the number of smiling faces that fail to have any smiling eyes. I suppose it is a bit moralistic to lecture on the laughter of the soul when I myself am incapacitated to feel it, but my courage is gathered on the knowledge that the first step must be taken up some place, and for me this seems to be it.

Her bright eyes stare at you with a burning glow, capturing you. I was amazed at the intensity of the gaze and have wondered what gives it such strength. The ease with which they fill with tears hides this strength and at many a time caused me to wonder if i am mistaken in my judgement.

But there are singular moments of high clarity, when I can see myself mirrored in those eyes.

You might wonder whether there is anything more to see, or if I am trying to put a pretty sheen on someone who is otherwise lacking. But I assure you the rest is as lovely as any lady can be. But that is a matter which can be said for many of the fairer sex and frankly speaking, every man here who has every loved a girl will fill the world with his cries of the loveliness of his lady and this is a horrid cliché which I refuse to put up.

The rest is just fine and pleasing to look at, which all that is needed.

It is not that I have felt such from the first instance. I must admit that initially I was drawn away by my natural aversion to the strange, different and new. But as the days flew by, circumstances changed. I changed.

Perhaps it was my new found desire to look at anything new. Or perhaps it was merely a slow awakening. As of late, I have begun to realize that I was too quick to draw away and that I should wander away from my familiar places. Nothing can be further from my comfort than her. It is like a challenge and I am taking it up.

I live a cautious life and stay in the corner. She lets go and seizes the moment by the throat. It is a strange to see her just let go and live a life in the ways which I have always heard about but was always cowardly to try.

There seems to be very little she fears and my own doubts melt away in front such confidence. While much what she does is far from what I would ever even consider doing, I am quickly becoming a convert to her concept of doing without thinking too much.

I may or may not ever actually live such a life. But for the moment I salute the one who can and I salute her nature and existence.

I know that she in pain, for there are those who have abandoned her. But for my part I do think that she is someone to keep. For no other reason that she makes me feel more alive just by knowing her.

I wish her well and hope that she continues in happier paths. I have had very little time to make a dent in her life. But you know, sometimes it is better to try than to know that you never did.

She carries her sorrows with a shrug. But I have a feeling that if one were to dig deeper, whole worlds might be found.

I intend to dig deeper.

But my time with er was so short that sometimes the whole thing seems pointless.

However in celebration and acceptance of her teachings, I shall make my attempt anyway.

Not for any end but simply to say that may hap I too can at least try to live life on her terms.

I salute the Lady Purple.

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  1. >awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww…. u have made my day… and quite possibly given me a pocket full of sunshine for a rainy day… to say thank you would sound too empty… too bland.. .too obvious… so im going to safely assume you are successfully reading between the many lines…

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