A saying of Zor 22:20 – Random thoughts

There was once a boy, there was,
and he loved this pretty girl too.

While she might not have loved him per se..
those details shouldn’t bother you.

So our boy here decided the time was ripe.
to get his one love, his baby blue.

So he schemed and dream of a way,
and hatched a plan;daring and true.

Ten days later and back in jail,
he wondered what went wrong.
Did she not like it when he protected her,
by following her wherever she went?

Or possibly was it the knife he shoved,
into her landlord who dared to ask rent?

These are minor things aren’t they?
The last one never complained.

So what if she was chained in his basement,
he respected her opinions too.

He wasnt a boy who just gave up,
his daddy had taught him better.

So he began slowly digging the floor,
to go see his girl, free and untethered.

While he goes out to find his love,
you can do something for me…

Ponder on the nature of men,
Don’t you find it creepy?

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