Stretching Out

I wouldn’t say I am a liar. But I lie. I pad the truth, embellish the details and in general (and true Indian style) add masala to every event in my life.

But to be fair to myself I don’t do this to deceive or mislead anyone. But I genuinely find that the world is more fascinating when seen through a certain ‘perspective’.

I am more than helped along this path by the company I keep. Most people put up a self portrait on facebook. It is generally the one picture that makes us look normal from the 3423 others that make us look like some weird alien beings from Zrag.

But my best friend decided to put up a picture that is an imitation of the “Scream” by Edvard Munch. (Google that, go on, I can wait). Not only did he match the pose but his picture even matches the background of the painting.

What rational man walks through a park and considers – “hmmm this background matches the one painted by that expressionist dude, I should click a picture of myself here”. But I digress. The point is he was not satisfied with a normal picture and I am not satisfied by a normal life.

When I go to buy groceries for instance, I usually equate the trip with a quest to find supplies by Sudanese refugees on the run.

I almost never buy something without atleast once considering things like – if zombies were to attack the planet this very instance, could I cram this into a back-pack? Maybe eat it while desperately listening for rustling noises in the dense wood, nervously fingering my shotgun? Where would I get a shotgun? Alright maybe I have no weapons but save the can to keep fresh water. I can see it now…

Usually this goes on until I realise I am standing in a supermarket staring at the aisles with a bottle of olives in one hand, and the manager is beginning to look at me nervously.

No doubt you, oh non-existent reader, think I am crazy and have forgotten to take my pills again. The truth is that while your life is bland and dull and filled with mundane thoughts like “Gosh, I hope the mud doesn’t dirty my shoes”, my world is a sensual pleasure garden where each and every moment is a trip down fantasy lane, possibly leading to a wild ride.

And this gives meaning to my life. It allows me to acknowledge that while I may not be part of history, it does not mean that my small and insignificant life cannot be one that is wonderful and filled with the strange and the exotic.

Next time you get up and do anything, get a bowl of cereal or watch a show on tv, consider the magic, the effort and the imagination that led to that product – be it milk or discovery channel special – being channelled to your home for you.

This world, if you chose to believe it, is built for you. Everything is aimed so that you can experience its wonders.

And if the cost of experiencing that wonder means allowing my mind to occasionally meander pointlessly, like this post is doing, then so be it.

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