Three Dreams

Akka says this plant here grows endlessly. I should probably do something about it. I hath something that might cut it short.

I will plant this plant beside that plant. This plant grows quickly. And it drops fruits from long branches. Where the fruit falls it cuts off all other plants.

So I will plant this plant besides that plant, and then we wait.

One by one the fruits fall. The all-eating plant gets smaller. The fruit is slicing right through it. But the center remains.

And then I push one fruit into the centre of the eating plant. And finally the all eating plant is gone.


Now its time to take a ride. Got to drop my dad off at the airport. It was already stormy when the stupid plant was doing its business and now it might rain any moment. The first drops hit me as I turn into MG road from Mayo Hall. But its okie. I am listening to him tell me about some other bike ride he took. He says he like my style better. Hard left into MG road…and slam into a sea of water. Chest deep.

Nothing to do but gun the bike. It rises and leaves the water.  That was weird. Must have been a sinkhole or something. Gun straight down MG road, heading towards the new station. Past brigade road.

There appears to be some water on the road ahead. I gun right through. About ten feet. Then i can feel the bike sink from beneath under me, feel it go. But not quite. So much water. So deep. I look back at people looking at me. I wish they would stop. What else could I do? Hmm well the bike is sunk. Never mind. Lets get out of this for now. There is a plant that seems to have long branches. I will paddle out to it. I wish it would stop raining.

“This will cost a lot to repair”

“Why?” I hate mechanics and garage people and vendors and sales people and conductors and everyone who needs me to ask them more and more obvious questions.And the rain is driving me crazy.

“Because the errosion. Did you do something to the cowl of this bike?”

“Obviously not.” I hate taking such questions. Why cant they just fix it or give me what I want, Why all the questions about what I or anyone did.Hmmm. He is opening the cowl. It is reddish inside, filled with water. Strange that. The bike is black in colour.

“Look how everything has gone inside”

“Hmmm” I don’t know what else to say. Maybe I was cheated by the person who sold me the bike. Maybe he did a faulty job. Maybe I should have checked earlier. This garage is starnge. More of a junkyard.

Why do I have to come to such places I wonder. I rather buy a new bike than come to places like this. He is asking me to wait. they always want me to wait. Why not have it ready when I come itself?

“It will take some repairing”

“Fix everything” I hear some people only fix small things because they don’t have the money or the desire to fix everything. I fix everything. I usually break so much. I always feel its better to fix everything. Why all this small fixing.

“You know how to take care of a pulsar right?”

“Yes, I have had it for years”


Hmmm. Let him do his nonsense I will wander about. Maybe have smoke. I wonder what taking care of a pulsar even means. this bikers and their mechanics. they take this bike too seriously. It s a freaking bike. That pretty much it. I use to ride it around. He expects me to get emotional and worry about a bike. Who cares?

I cant bend my thumb. Its swollen. From the impact into the water I believe. My face is also swollen. I cant twitch my right eye. Feels full. and throbbing. But luckily I can still see.

Hmm look whats here. A Black Pulsar. A Black Pulsar parked sideways. Its missing the front cowl.


“Oye come back here! I have a Enfield Machismo not a Pulsar. I mean I had a Pulsar. or I have a Pulsar. I have a Pulsar I think. but I rode a Machismo into the waters. The Machismo sunk. Oye!”


“And that’s when I woke up”

“I see my Lord. It also explains why you woke up the night guard by screaming ‘I KNEW IT WAS A ROYAL ENFIELD’ in the garage”

“Well I was woozy. Just making sure. What do you think Record Keeper?”

“I would suggest you visit the gardens to familiarize yourself to the real extent of botanical abilities and I believe Doctor Snefegul is free on tuesdays my Lord for your daddy issues. ”

“As if. And tell him to stop sending complaints. It’s not my fault his office is within rifle range. But tell him that it is indeed very relaxing”

“As you wish my Lord”

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