Altered standards of bravery (In Chennai anyway)

Chicken Sixty Five
Image courtesy - Easy Indian Food. Click pic for recipe (the chicken one)

“You are looking particularly smug Lord Loony…”

“Indeed Lord Akoroth. I am in fact revelling in my brush with death. ”

“Oh really? And what battle have you been in?”

“Well…not a battle per se, but I have faced seen and done things no man should. I went drinking last night in Appu Military Hotel…25 rupees sitting charge, 10 rupees quarter bottle, 50 paisa pickle and chicken sixty five…”

“Chicken? I heard they serve dog…”

“No my Lord, you are thinking of the classier joint opposite it, the one with the tables and chairs…Pandiyan Wines”

“I see. And meat here? What species did the betting odds favour yesterday?”

“A drunk that had died there the previous night…”

“Fascinating. I presume you ate nevertheless?”

“Although the experience left me scarred, I am a Lord. I did not back down and performed the deed despite the circumstances…”

“Right. Bravery standards have certainly changed since the war…”

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